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Event Details
Event Details

This workshop is committed to unlocking the remarkable potential of positive customer service to elevate social housing customer experiences.

Its central aim is to equip participants with the essential tools and inspiration required to adopt a tenant-focussed approach in their interactions. This approach is founded on the development of a constructive mindset, the nurturing of suitable behaviours, and the refinement of communication competencies.

Topics covered include:

  • Customer service in social housing
  • Choose your attitude
  • Empowering beliefs
  • Customer empathy
  • Levels of listening
  • Valuing differences
  • Teamwork to support the customer experience

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Course Outline
Course Outline

In this workshop you will learn how to:

  • Apply commercial aspects of customer service to the social housing sector
  • Recognise that we do have a choice of attitude in every moment
  • Test the impact of core beliefs on service outcomes
  • Arrive at a common understanding of the term empathy
  • Recognise strategies to incorporate empathy into customer service
  • Explore ways we impede or block empathy
  • Identify ways to unlock higher levels of listening
  • Apply a framework for identifying and valuing different behavioural styles
  • Analyse current application of productive attitudes and behaviours in a cooperative setting
  • Specific takeaway actions that you can apply in your work

Delivery format

  • A 3-hour interactive workshop via Zoom
  • Participants need access to PC/Laptop with speakers, microphone and webcam

Who should attend:

This workshop is suitable for all government and community housing employees working directly with tenants, who wish to strengthen their adoption of a positive approach to service and enhance the service experience they create.

  • Donella Roberts (Amplify Training & Consulting)

    Donella Roberts

    Amplify Training & Consulting

With a passion for fostering growth and learning, Donella is an experienced workshop facilitator, dedicated to helping individuals and teams unlock their full potential.

Throughout Donella's professional journey, she has held operational management and executive leadership roles, overseeing teams of all sizes across diverse sectors. Qualifications in management and leadership, business, training and assessment, and human resources complement Donella's wide breadth of experience.

Donella's workshops are grounded in real-world experiences, providing participants with actionable strategies they can implement immediately. Through group discussions, self-reflection and hands-on activities, Donella ensures that participants are actively engaged, fostering deeper understanding and retention.




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