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Event Details
Event Details

The Handling Crisis Calls for Frontline Housing Staff workshop will provide you with the skills to respond to community members or colleagues in crisis, or those in vulnerable circumstances. You will learn how to connect in a way that is appropriate, empathic and respectful, whilst being within strictly defined boundaries.

Using the "CPR for Difficult Conversations" framework workshop, participants are assisted to navigate through heightened, emotion-driven conversations with the aim of de-escalating and moving forward in a positive and empowering way.

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Course Outline
Course Outline

What you will learn:

  • What is a crisis? features, dynamics and bias.
  • The impact of assumptions
  • The Boundary to our role : we are neither a therapist nor the long-term emotional support
  • The Boundaries to the conversations we have: avoiding re-traumatising either the caller or ourselves
  • Boundaries provided by organisational policy/process/procedure : ensuring safety and avoiding unintended consequences.
  • The strength based, culturally appropriate approach based in Respect and Dignity
  • "CPR for Difficult Conversations", a framework which assists to navigate through heightened, emotion-driven conversations with the aim of de-escalating and moving forward in a positive and empowering way.
  • Skills to de-escalate, ask questions and contain conversations.

Who should attend:

This training is suitable for anyone in a client facing role.

Delivery format

  • 3-hour interactive Zoom workshop – join details provided upon registration
  • Participants need access to PC/Laptop with speakers, microphone and webcam
  • CF

    Cutty Felton

    CEO of Accidental Counsellor Pty Ltd

Cutty delivers keynote presentations and skills-based courses, both face-to-face and via remote delivery, virtual presenting and live video streaming across Australia and internationally. Courses that focus on responding to those in vulnerable circumstances include 'Accidental Counsellor', 'De-Escalating the Agitated Caller', 'Customers in Crisis - Recognise, Respond, Refer', 'Domestic Family Violence (DFV) Aware' and various other skills based courses tailored to the needs of her clients.

By profession, Cutty is a qualified Solicitor and practised for approximately ten years. Over time she felt the need to contribute more directly to the community and in 2013 joined Lifeline, initially as a volunteer Telephone Crisis Supporter on Lifeline's 13 11 14 service, and subsequently as a trainer, heading up Corporate and Community training for Lifeline H2H for 4 years.

Cutty developed her own highly acclaimed version of Accidental Counsellor, including a unique '5 E's framework' for difficult conversations, as well as various workshops focussing on responding to those in vulnerable circumstances and incorporating the values and principles of the both the Banking and Insurance Industry Codes of Practice.

Cutty is a firm believer that awareness of issues such as DFV and Mental Illness should be underpinned by response skills and her training is specifically aimed at equipping participants with the ability to respond to someone in crisis in a way that is appropriate, compassionate, respectful and empowering, whilst always being within clearly defined boundaries.




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